Urdu for you. Lesson 10

A little moment is in letters’ connections, سسس، صصص، ثثث for [s] sound and ذذذ، ززز، ضضض، ظظظ for [z].].

There are several forms of a letter and the next stage is practice and tasks!

Please, pronounce,

Sir, sar, sao, fAnUs – fasl, zIro, zukAm – sAdA – aksar – pAs – rasm, dost, sad – sUrat – sonA — seb, — sUI – zevar – zor – bAz – bAzAr – zar – zarA – zid – arz.

Please, read following words,

سَت – مان – صَف – صاف – سِن – سُن – صَن – صان – تَبات – ثَبوت – ثَبِل – اثر – اثار – سِوا – دَص – تِس – تیسا.

We see that the necessity of practice and repeat are here. Pronunciation is very important for every place, at all and it you train your ability of speaking, it will be very honorable. Differences between languages are in grammar, words and pronunciation!

Also, you look on the previous lessons this theme:

Thank you for reading.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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