Urdu for you. Lesson 10

We will work with the next series of consonant sounds, s and z.  At first the sound “s” is fast and without any additional sounds. It is sounded as “s” in “surface” and it isn’t softened before “I” and its variants.

Let’s try to practice with the sound “s”, please pronounce,

sa – sA, si – sI, su – sU, se – sao, surat, cab – cAt – sar – AspAs – aksar – kapAs – das – dast – mis – sImA – sAf – kafas – rasm – sadA.

The same is with sound “z”. It close to English “z” in “zoo” and can’t be soft.

This sound has to practice below, it is necessary for us because English manner is softer than in Urdu. Please, pronounce,

Za – zA – zi – zI – zu – zU – ze – zao – zo – zao – salA – balA – sAz – roz – zarA – zAt – zAl.

We alredy know how to pronounce s and z and the small practice in writing is here. Here is a task,

Pronunce and write.

س، ص، ث [s] and also ,

ذ، ز، ض، ظ [z] and we see that there are several letters in a group. It is normal that the two souns’ group are with the two sounds, [s] and [z] and practice will help to follow these two sounds.

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