Arabic course. The lesson 4.

The long vowels will be depicted in the transcriptions as high letters like A, I and U.

Their writing forms are dependened of their positions and practice word below halps to us in this case.

The next examples aren’t words, they are practiced combination of sounds, so please pronounce,

حَح، مَرو اِست، اِستاد، عامَل، عالیم، بال، بولِک، کول، توم، نات، نوتَک کانوت، اِذاَ، اِلک، اَلم.

As we see, this practice work is simple and we can practice more, if will read full task without any delay.

Here is a moment about fast speaking and if it is so, it gives the best result and it will be very nice.

The next serius work is grammar but isn’t given here.

The course will be “Arabic Grammar” but it is very important theme.

Also you can look on to the previous series of this course:

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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