Arabic course. The lesson 4.

Arabic vowels

There are several variants of the vowels and they are fat-hah, kasrah, dammah. These three vowels are short and it means that they are pronounced shortly and without any delay on the way of pronunciation.

It is a definition of the short Arabic vowels and they can be pronounced as “a”, “I” and”u”. Let’s see onto it closely because it is importamt for every language. The short Arabic vowels are the next,


Fat-hah [a] and its written form is as on this picture, where every short vowel and isn’t marked in the ordinary texts.


The next vowel is Kasrah [i] and its written form is ِas on this picture, it isn’t marked too.


The last short vowel is Dammah and it has the sound ُon this picture, we notice that every short vowel is used only for special cases and not in the ordinary life. These signs are used in children literature, because correct pronunciation is necessary for them. As a decision, we will give pronunciation by transcriptions because it will be correct for us.

We become familiar with the short vowels but what can we say as an additional information? Of course, talk about long vowels. They are similar with the short vowels and are written as,

Long [a] – ا

Long [i] – ي

Long u – و

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