Arabic course. The lesson 3.

Kaf hasn’t any equivalent is Englisj but it is close to “cake” without aspiration.

Kaf is existed in English as “skate”, it is so soft and can’t be firm.

Mim and Nun are close to their English equivalents.

He is a sound like English “h” in “head”.

Vav is English “w” in “well”.

Ya is English “y” in “yes”.

We finish the work with all Arabic consonants in the last article. We can practice them without any words because they have to know something about vowels and they will be shown in the next article.

It is normal for Arabic to have different manners of consonants’ pronunciation because they are ranged from dialect to dialect. But also, Atandard Arabic is MSA and it has its own way of consonants’ pronunciation.

We will work with pronunciation of vowels farthwe and then, we can practice it in stllables.

So our farther work is a pronunciation of vowels and is shown in farther article because this one shows the consonants to us.

The started work with the consonants will be continue in the next article and it gives result of speaking .

Additional information is that there are borrowed punctuation marks in Arabic. They were borrowed from European languages and can be used, according to necessity.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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