Urdu for you. Lesson 9

The information about several new tasks was written in the previous article. This one doesn’t give any additional because they are close to the previous tasks.

So, we are going farther in this lesson and touché important theme of the bew consonant sounds. What are they? This question is important and a reply to it is g, f, v.

Let’s start with the sound “g”, it is close to English “garden” and doesn’t’s be soft.

The sound “f” is close to English “full” but bot sofyened. It can be practiced with the bext task.

Pronunce and repeat,

Fa – fA, fi – fI, fu – fU, fe – fay, fo – fao, fAi, nafrat, faedA, raftA, fam, barf, fin, fUm, del, fayslA, fon, faolAd.

The sound “v” is close to English “v” in “victory” but it isn’y soft and is pronounced as “vi”, it is firm and short “v”.

We can say about their writings that for “g”, it is “گ “ and for f, it is “ف “ and for v, it is “و “. Only the last letter is without connection after it and there are the next connections, گگگ ففف ووو and we can see that those letters are simple and easy for remembering.

Well, the next stage of the article is practice and it contains task below.

Please, read and pronounce,

Vat, vAr, ve, vAkA, vok, gAv, vAlA, fin, gol, godAm, gulab, barnA, raftA.

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