Urdu for you. Lesson 8

We will work with doubled sounds ao and ay, they are diphthongs and have two sounds. Also, we will work with other sounds those have two sounds.

Let’s start with the sound “ay”. This sound is a sound that has some variations and they are “ey” and “ai”. All of them are used farther, peyr and beyl. As we see, the sound “y” is like in word “yogurt” and it forms diphthongs.

We practice with those easy diphthongs here. Please, pronounce.

aynak, maydAn, payr, bayl, maylA, payday, ayi, maylI, mayle, ayb, aybI.

We see that this sound is common used in Urdu and the next diphthong is “ao”. This sound has two parts “a” and “o”.

This sound have to be practiced too. Please pronounce,

Ao, aorta, kaon, lanao, daorA, taor, daola, jaom, aod.

This diphthong has variations au and ou.

The next part of this article us shown sounds’ written forms.

 ے is a written form of the sound «e». In the beginning of a word it can be a  ے ا As we see, this letters is common in different positions of a word.

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