Urdu for you. Lesson 7

We finished the work with different sounds but we have to go farther because the letters aren’t single way of Urdu. We work with the next series of letters in this article and let’s look onto them.

We will work with sounds b, d and t because they are close to English. They are close but not eaual and their traits are given farther.

Well, the sounds b,d and t are pronounced as follow.

B has inscriptionب  and it is pronounced as [b].

D is [d] and it is in English “down” and “dull”.

T is a fast sound without any aspiration and soft.

We will work with the sounds farther because it is important for the language. There are two ways of writing “t” because it is ت ط , we see that these two consonants have a pronunciation “t”. After that, we can follow to tasks which can help us.

Please, pronounce, tAl, tIr, tAn, tam, mim, mil, mIn, mIp, nun, nUn, nUl, nUm.

Learn written forms of  پ – د – ت — ط . Comment to it is پپپ، شددد، تتت، ططط.

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