Arabic course. The lesson 2.

This article contains small notices about Arabic pronunciation of the letters.  They were given with sort advices of pronunciation in the previous article and this contains not short information about speaking manner of the letters.

The advice of the previous article (Arabic pronunciation of the letters is close to English) isn’t very useful because Arabic has slight other manner of pronunciation. So, we will explain it in this article and reveive answer for question “How can we pronounce on Arabic?”

We work with the same alphabet but now, we explain it carefully and fully.

Alif hasn’t any pronunciation because it is a holder of short vowels and they form the pronunciation I, u, a as it was shown earlier.

Be and ba are the same and they are pronounced as in English boat and habit.

Ta is pronounced as English “stop” but not American is in the word “letter”. This difference is important because the letter is short and fast.

The next letter is Jim, it is pronounced as a letter “j” in English. But there are several other pronunciation and the letter Jim can be as j in “judge”,  Also, this can be pronounced as g in English “green” but it is used in Egypt (its higher part) and as “jh” in English word “pleasure” but this way is used in Northern Africa and Levant.

Ha doesn’t have equivalent sound in European languages. It is a fast and short sound without any aspiration or light breathings.

Kha is a sound that close to German “nacht” and is a strong and it is a not fast but firm aspirated sound with not soft manner of pronunciation. This sound contains in many European languages and is common.

Dal is a simple consonant sound “d” in English word “leader”.

Thal is pronounced as th in “them” and “their”, these two sounds are existed in English.

The rest of the alphabet will be shown in articles farther because the rest contains different important letters.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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