Arabic course. The lesson 1.

The previous article was an introduction that shows the fact of Arabic wide-spreading and this article in the beginning of studying course. It is started with consonants because it is necessary for us. No one knows how Arabic can be used by readers in the future. It is a cause of careful work with Arabic language and its results will be shown for you too.

As it was given before, Arabic has its own system of pronunciation.

Well, we start from Arabic consonants with their writing and forms. Let’s see below and then, we will explore the Arabic consonants. The alphabet is started with the letter Alif.

Name Writ. Pron.
Alif ا Long A, I, u
Be ب B
Te ت T
Ce ث C
Jim ج J
Ha خ kha
Ha ح Ha
dal د D
Thal ذ Th
ra ر Ra
zayn ز Z
Sin س S
shin ش Sh
Sad ص S
Dad ض D
Ta ط T
Za ظ Z
Ayn ع
Ghayn غ Gh
Fa ف F
qaf ق Q
Kaf ک K
Lam ل L
Mim م N
nun ن M
Ha ه H
Vav و V, u
ya ي Y

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