Arabic course. The introduction.

As we know, the Arabic language is the language of Northern Africa. We can not know about it but this language is from Northern Africa and it can be known everywhere. Well, we decided the problem of its distribution and the next important question is about Arabic way of writing and speaking. Is Arabic the European one? Is it known for Europeans and Americans? Is Arabic the language of warm islands in the sea?

Answer to them is that Arabic is the language of Northern Africa and it is used there, Northern Africa is a zone of warm sea on the beaches and big deserts outside it.

This land is a land of Arabic but we can’t conclude that the deserts are warm too, they are hot and very hot too with a coldness during nights.

These natural traits prove the fact that Arabic is a hard and complex language with its own history.

It isn’t written by the Latin script but has its own way of scripture and pronunciation too.

Arabic has its own way of writing and it can’t be compared with no one of European languages.

Arabic is a language with long and hard history and it is well known to scientists and interested people. We won’t work with it but will look onto Arabic grammar rules farther. Every grammar rule will be given with comments and using. It proves Arabic as a language in eyes of every reader.

Also, practice works will be given in this Arabic course because the grammar without practice is useless.

Well, we conclude that Arabic is a language with its own writing system and it will be given farther.

Arabic gives ways of communication in Northen Africa and can be used there. The visiting of Arabic countries is interesting but it is expensive and gives very good results in resting! We give other way and offer to know Arabic in hime and then, use it on bazaars and markets and hotels and everywhere in Arabic countries.

So, the target of this course is to give communications there and so on.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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