Urdu for you. Lesson 6

We already finished work with the sounds of the letters ک ل م and they are ready to move farther to next letters. The next they are ن پ ر and we are writing with them here.  

The pronunciation of the letters’ sounds are given farther. ن has the sound [n] as in the word “nose”, پ has the sound [p] as in “pop” and the last one is ر and it hs the bext reanscription, [r] like in “rose” We can see that every letter has close analogye by pronunciation yo English. Also, the sounds aren’t soft but their sounds are girm. It means that the sounds are close to firm and fast sounds but notto soft and slow. The manners of pronunciations are important and theie is a practice task with the sounds.

Na – nA, ra – rI and pa – pi – pU – pI.

Last question is what are letters’ writings? The is given before and we can see onto the writing formd without any troubles after that.

As it is, the letter ننن hs the three forms and it is normal way to use them all in a text.

There is a necessity to practice the new letters in words because  practice is better than simple theory.

Pronounce following words,

نال – نَل، نالا – نالی، نِل – نیل – میلا، — نیلي، نالون، نَلِن، نیلین، نیلان، مِلُن، لیلي، مار – ناری – نَری، نارا – ناری، نُلِم، نون، لون، لوک، کیک، کیل، کون، کور، رورنِرا، نیرو، نِلان، ایران،

As we see, the exersices became more and more hard but it is necessary because the grammar of Urdu possesses Hindi root and the pronunciation is necessary, of course. That Hindi element can be traced on the example of speaking and words, as it was shown before in the article. So, we will continue work with Urdu “words” farther. “words” are named so because the exersices here consist idea of Urdu and its pronunciation here, at least. This idea will be given farther once more and it will be repeated after this article.

Also you look on the previous lesson this theme: the lesson 1; the lesson 2 the lesson 3,
the lesson 4 and the lesson 5.

Thank you for reading.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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