Urdu for you. Lesson 5

We work with new letters in the previous article and will work with task in this article. It is important because the new language can’t be understanded without any practice work. But before the beginning< we will give writings of the short vowels.

Let’s repeat information about the three consonants. They are the best ک and ل and م. The short vowels are marked by lines over and under the letter.

Those short vowels are named “harakat” and is an Arabic word. Harakat shows only if it is necessary and doesn’t show otherway. Well, how can we show consonants with “harakat”?  Of course, with short lines above or under the letter!

We won’t ptactice letters with “harakat” because our transcriptions and “ka” is pronounced as “n + a”. The transcriptions are important but “harakat” symbols are ,

“harakat” symbols

We see that all symbols are vowels’, Slashes between sounds are the marks of two sounds. For example, “o/u” means that there can be the two sounds “o” and “u” and are independent for different positions.

The task is given below.

Pronounce, کا، ما، لا، ام، عام، مال کال کَم.

Rewrite and pronounce, کَم – کام، عَل – عال، کَل – کال، ماما – مالا، کام – کال، مال – مالا، کَم – کاما، لال – مال – کال، عَمل، مَلا؛ کُمَک، کَمال، لَلا، مااک، مُلوم، لولا، مِل، میل، مِلا، مُلوک، مِمُل، لَمال، مِمال، کَلَم، لَلام، مُمَل، لالُک، موکَم، کاملا، لِلُم،.

کَمُل – کامُل – کامول – کَکول، مَکُل – مَکَم – مُکُم – مِمَل – مِمُل، مُم کام، کالَم – کُب مُک، مِمَل – مِم ال مِل کَل – مِم کُل – مَُم لَک، مولوک – مولِک – مولَم – ملِم، کَمَم – کَمِل – مَمُل – کَمول – کَمال – کومال، کاک – کال – کول – کوم – کام، کال – کامال – کَمُل، کَمَکَل کُمُکُل – کِمِکِل، مِمُلَک، کِمُلَک، کُم لاک مول، مُل – کول م، لول – لال – لَل – لُل – لِل، کال – کام – کالِم – کال، موم – مام ماک – کام – کاک – کُک – کِم، لَل – لالول – لالوم – لالوموم.

Also you look on the previous lesson this theme: the lesson 1; the lesson 2 the lesson 3,  and the lesson 4.

Thank you for reading.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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