Urdu for you. Lesson 4

We already tested Urdu sounds for the vowels in the previous article and this shows the first three consonants letters. As we know, Urdu has Persian writing with additional letters. This trait gives an idea that words and grammar rules can be close to Farsi but it isn’t so and Urdu has Persian writing system but not a grammar system.

Anyway, Farsi is a base language for the writing system in Urdu. If somebody knows Hindi, he will be astonished for the fact that Urdu has not Hindi letters but pronounced so. This fact of languages’ closeness is useless for us and a theme of this lesson is letters “k”, “l”, “m” and their written forms.

At first, these consonants sounds can’t be softened, they are firm. But “l” is firmer than in the word “lemon” and not in “life”. It is close to “look”.

The consonant sounds can’t be very soft anf bery firm too, they are middle by pronunciation. These three consonants have not firm and not soft way os pronunciation.

We can practice a little with the sounds and then, we will go to their writing forms.

Pronounce the next series of sounds, ka – kA, la – lA, ma – mA, ki – kI, ku – kU.

This short practice work gives an idea that th sounds are understandable for us and we can go to their writing forms because we are familiar with the sounds.

We see that the “k” sound is written as ک and this letter has three additional forms  (we show them as ککک the first one  shows the letter “in the beginning of a word, the second appears in the middle position and the last is for final.

The next letter is “لand has close to the previous writing forms, للل we see that these three letters have the three written formsand are close to the letter ک.

The last is a letter م that  is close to the previous and also, has three witten forms, ممم. We can see that they are close one to other but the letters are different.

Also you look on the previous lesson this theme: the lesson 1; the lesson 2 and the lesson 3.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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