Urdu for you. Lesson 3

We examined Urdu long vowels in the previous article and this gives different tasks for us. But at first, we need to know that ;etter A is a long a, and I and U and AU and E and other big letters in transcriptions are long vowels.

Let’s practice for a little.

A is aa, I is ii, U is uu and so on.

The task for us is bezt and is given after that.


A, a, a; A, A, A; I,; II, I;  I, I ,I; u, u, u; U, U, U; a – A, u – U, I – I, u – U; a – I, a – u, A – I, A – I, A– u, A – A, A – I, A – U. A – A, I – I, a – A – u – U, I – I – u – U.

Examine letters ا – ع – ي – ه they are pronounced as A – A– I – e.

We see that this task is simple buteasy addition can be given, all Persian and Arabic and Urdu sounds are pronounced with all of them.

The task show formally that there are some number of Urdu vowel sounds. This short task gives an idea that Urdu vowels are separate by from other language but it isn’t so  and we will be familiar with them.  

Also, we will work with other long voweld because they are  close to the base six vowels. They are called “diphones” because every of them has two (and more) sounds.We are familiar with the six Yrdu sounds which are existed there.

We have to remember that Urdu sounds are closer to Hindi and Farsi than to English. It is a cause to pronounce them closer to the sound                                                                                                                                                                    It is in English words “a” in “father”, “I” in “middle” and “u” in “focus”, they are short vowels.  The long vowels make by the same way but with longnwiss of sounds. Simple examples of long “u” and “I” sounds are “look” and “teeth”.

The next lesson will exam three Urdu consonants along to their writings and sounds.

Also you look on the previous lesson this theme: the lesson 1 and the lesson 2.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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