Urdu for you. Lesson 2

This part of learning shows Urdu sounds that can be in words  and conversations. Also, we will work with writings of vowel letters because Urdu isn’t a spoken language. We will work with the vowels in this article and thay will be complained by consonants after that.

Of course, it will be done after the practice with new vowel sounds. Wide theme os Urdu phonology is given shortly and without any special spoken moments but it is necessary for understanding Urdu phonology and its sounds.

Urdu vowel sounds have 11 elements but we will use main six vowels because the rest is a duplication of the 11 sounds. The vowels start from short sounds.

Short a

This sounds marks with ا in the beginning and pronounced as “a” in the word “father”.

Short a sound doesn’t marked at the endings and middle positions.

Long a (A) has three forms in the three positions. They are,

ا )ع( in the middle.

ا in the beginning and endings. Also, writing forms ع and ۀ

Let’s touch group of “I” spunds and we start from sound “I”.

Short I – it is marked by ا or ع in the beginning.

Nothing in the middle.position andۀ  at the end.

Long I – it is written as ی inmiddle and final positions and is ع or اي in the beginnings.

Short u marks as ت or ع in the beginning and it doesn’t appear in final position and can be marks as nothing in the middle too.

The last main sound is long u and it has next written forms, و in the middle section and final too. It marks as او in the beginning.

We see that all of the sounds can be divided onto short and long. The short vowels are named “harakat” and isn’t writtenand also. The long vowel are pronumced as doubled vowels (by their longness).

The long vowels always written and appear in every position of a word but short “harakat” vowel appear normally in the middle and begubbing positions where they pronounced but not written. Description of ع and ۀ sounds is given farther.

You also can read the first article of series lesson «Urdu for you».

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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