Urdu for you. Lesson 1.

Urdu for you

This Urdu lesson is a beginning of the series “Urdu for you” lessons because the lessons will give ideas and traits of the language. Of course, it is unusual that a language (like Urdu) has close relations with Hindi. Hindi and Urdu are the languages Hindustani and they have close relations with Hindi.

Scientists and linguists name them Hindustani for the relations but Hindi isn’t an object for this and we will decide that the relations are omitted.

Well, the important question Hindi-Urdu relations is solved and we go to the history of Urdu. It is given in short variant because it isn’t an object of this paper.

History of Urdu started from the 6th to the 13th century  AC, it means that Urdu (Hindustani) was formed in the Middle Ages. It helps to understand that the language was Medieval Perso-Arabic language. This is a cause for Urdu writing system that is a modified Perso-Arabic.Bo, we don’t use that medieval language but it is used from that period. Also, Urdu history has a moment of ruled dynasty and it was the period of Apabhramsa.

The Urdu language isn’t very modern but it has the history not more than 1.500 years and it gives an idea that it can’t be hard but Hindi was an ancestor of Urdu. We won’t study Hindi and as it was noticed earlier, we go to Urdu as it is so.

What can we say about our base points in the studying of Urdu? This is very important and let’s look on them closely. These points are,

  • Pronunciation.
  • Grammar.
  • Using.

We see that these three moments are very serious and they show full-sized Urdu. At first, we won’t learn how to say “please, give me a cup of tea” but “Today is a nice day and I prefer to drink a cup of tea now, thanks”. We see that difference is here and this shows your knowing of a language.

So, let’s start the learning from phonology and sounds with me.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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