The comparison of Urdu and Hindi alphabets with Urdu vowels

It was shown early that Urdu and Hindi words are close by their pronunciation. So we shall make compare of their alphabets because we will make comparison of grammar rules after that. Are the two languages are the language Hindustani? Of course, no! Urdu uses modified Perso-Arabic script but Gindi uses Devangari script. It is well known that every Urdu speaker can understand Hindi speaker and vise versa. But it is only spoken level because there are close pronunciation of words.

We can find that Urdu has the same consonants  and vowels as in Hindi, according to Conference on Language & Technology 2009. It brings an idea that they are a language with similar sounds and writings.

No! The sounds are close but the writing systems aren’t the same.

The number of consonant sounds in Urdu is 46 and 25 vowel sounds. Also, there is an information that Hindi has 33 consonants. We can say that Urdu has 33 basic consonant letters and 18 additional. and 11 vowels. Of course, we haven’t to mix sounds and letters because they are different.

The short vowels of Urdu

We see that the 33 consonants and 11 vowels are in both of the languages.

Well, it is necessary to know that grammars of the languages aren’t very close but it is a theme of next articles. On this stage, let’s conclude that the alphabets are close but phonetically qualities.

This is a good conclusion and we can work with Urdu vowels in this article because consonants will be shown farther.

Urdu has 11 vowels, -a, long a, I, long I, u, long u, e, long e, o, au and ri. These consonants were in Hindi too and we won’t study it because it isn’t a target.

Also, Urdu consonants are written by its letters and table below shows Urdu vowels with their writings.

As it is shown, Urdu has 11 vowels and next theme is Urdu consonants because all of them together form Urdu words.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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