Dari language

We start to work with Dari in this article because the previous shows Dari phrases but it was made on Farsi.  Well, we will repeat that work because it is a base of farther learnings. At first, this article shows using of Dari in standard phrases. Of course, we use transcriptions because target of the article is to give understanding that  Dari is lifeful and it is used in the present. The phrases are shown below in the table, there are the first column of colloquial using and the second with meanings of those phrases.

Dari English
Asr bekheir Good evening
Baad az zohr Good afternoon
Sobh bekheir Good morning
Salam Salam!
Khosh amadid Welcome!
Salam dooet  Hello, my friend.
Hal e shoma chetoor ast how are you?

The phrases have Arabic and Persian natures but it isn’t a problem of using in Dari. Cause of it is that Dari is a dialect of Farsi and it has closeness with it.

It is well, and we will work with those phrases now.

Asr bekheir – it is an Arabic phrase that is used in Persian. Luterally, it means “Evening with good”.

Baad az zohr – it means “period of time after the morning is good”. Close phrase is “Good period after the morning”.

Sobh bekheir – this phrase has the same Arabic nature and it means “Morning with goodness”.

Salam – it means “peace” and the full Arabic phrase is “As-salam a’leikum”, peace to you.

Khosh amadid – this Farsi has the direct meaning and means “food/nice coming”.

Salam dooet  — doost means “friend” from Farsi and it the phrase means “goodness to you, friend”.

Hal e shoma chetoor ast – it is a phrase with close to Farsi meaning “how is your condition?”  or it is simply, “how are you?”

We can see that main part of the phrases have borrowed nature from Arabic and Persian. The phrases show respect to other speaker and also,

We will work this phrases on Dari but they will be as translations of English text and then, we will find c;closeness in them.

Sources, my languages.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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