The verbs in the Past Tense

Before work with verbs, we look onto word order in the Egyptian dialect. This question is important because every sentences is made with a help of that rule. The word order is “subject-verb-object” and we will follow this true after that.

We looked onto the pronounces in the previous article and they are subjects of a sentence and now, we look onto Egyptian verbs and it helps to us in contraction of simple phrases. We look onto base tense in Arabic and it is the Past Tense. It has the most simple structure, the endings and nothing else. We give them along to Kalimni pronounces.

Pronounce Ending
انا ت
احنا نا
انت ت
انتي تي
انتو توا
هي ت
هم وا

Comment: female pronounce has ending “it”.

We see that the pronoun “he” has no ending and simultaneously, it is a base form and a cause of the Past Tense as a base form.

Next important thing is examples of using. It is normal to don’t use pronouns in spoken phrases.

Meaning Verb
I worked نفعت
I went home نفعت

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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