The Egyptian Arabic

What can we say about the language of Egypt? Of course, nothing in a case that you don’t know about Arabic, at all. But if you know that it is the official language of Egypt, it is good but Arabic can’t be unchanged because Egypt isn’t Arabia and its language was changed onto Egyptian dialect of Arabic. We know that Egypt is a big country and people use Egyptian dialect for themselves.

Egyptian Arabic is a variety of MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) and has its own traits and words. We will work with the words in this article after that.

Whar are names of the Egyptian dialect? It has several names “Kalimni”, “Fus’h” and “Misri” and  many other too. We like the name “Kalimni” and will use it farther. But Kalimni isn’t a language but only a name of the Arabic dialect.

The next theme touches pronouns in Kalimni because it has different from English personal pronounces  After that, a table shows Egyptian words along to their Arabic and English translations because Kalimni is the dialect old Arabic.

English Arabic Egyptian
I انا انا
we نحن احنا
you انت انت
two you انتما
you انتم انتو
he هو هو
she هي هي
two of them هما
they (m) هم هم
they (f) هن

We can see that several pronounces aren’t close written and there a famous moment, the Arabic and Egyptian are genders-languages. It means that there are two genders, male and femine. This moment gives differences in grammar and other structures, as it is shown in next articles. This article is less of transcriptions  and also, audio addition exists here because it is a way to don’t show any transcription.

The pronunciation is a normal way of learning colloquial languages because it helps to expel writing way (transcriptions). Fortunately, Kalimni is more colloquial than written. But it can be written by the letters of MSA and its phonetically symbols It gives two ways of learning Kalimni (with audio and with transcriptions), but we choose the first version…

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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