Punjabi language

What can we say about that language? It is the official language of Pakistan and Northern India. It is correctly that this language is one of official languages of Pakistan because there are several officials. So, Punjabi is the language from Pakistan and it isn’t in close Afghanistan because there are more than a mile between capitals.

Punjabi is the old language that existed as a branch of Sanskrit in ancient time.  This Sanskrit-like language borrowed its writing system that is named Devangari. This script use traditionally in India.

Punjabi is also the wide-spreaded language in the world and its writing system isn’t a problem on this way. This language is used by around 120 million of speakers and this number is around a half of Pakistan population. So, Punjabi is the popular language and the number approves it.

We can day about languages typology that it is Indo-Aryan. It seems that this language is closer to Urdu, than to Farsi. This moment gives an idea that Hindi languages exist as an independent family of languages.

There is an interesting question, is Punjabi close to other surrounded language? Of course, mo because it was formed by Indians and it isn’t close to Urdu, as well. We will look onto Punjabi grammar and spoken and conversational rules because it is a very language.

All Punjabi consonant  sounds can be divided onto different groups, according to their pronunciation.

The first group is “k-group” with their

The group as “k-siunds” isn’t very big but it contains different “k” sounds. They are from unaspirated voiceless (on the left side), aspirated voiceless(the next),  voiced unaspirated (the next) and voiced aspirated. As it is shown, Punjabi has the four main groups of sounds’ types. Other Punjabi consonant sounds will be in the next article. Also, there are given their types (like k-group and so on).

Resources, “Colloqual Punjabi”.

This article was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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