How to say how are you in Arabic?

You could read about how to said about matters and feelings your companion after greeting and you can ask about well-being of other man. A next article shows how to say “My name is..” and ask the same. So the theme of this article is “how are you?” and there is shown response to it.

After greeting, I told about this theme in the previous article, say your name and ask about condition of other. This phrase is necessary because the condition and question about it is a necessary part of the etiquette and polite way of talking.

How are you?

Kayfa ha-alukun?

كيف حالكم؟

This phrase is a way of making respect in the beginning of the conversation because there is a polite form of  “ha-aluk” (ha-alukum) . This question can be addressed to a man because it is same phrase for woman is “kayfa ha-alukunna?”. We can see that there are the two ways to ask about the conditions but they are different in their forms.

This question is important but the answer is given after the end of main part of this article. It is so because there are given comments to the question about the politeness in the Arabic world.

What can be said about polite farewell? This question was depicted in the previous article and the phrase was given there too.

But how can we answer to the question about our condition and the main answer is,

Ana bikhoyrin (or Ana bikhoyr)

انا بخیر

This Arabic phrase means “I’m fine” and,

I’s bad

انا سيئ

Ana si’un or ana si’.

As we see, there are several ways to reply on the  question “how are you?” If you say that you is bad, you will be ready to some farther questions but it requires to know Arabic in the concrete place. The standard answer is “I’m fine” and it doesn’t give any other questions except questions about homeland but it will be shown in the future. So, the next article will show different ways of asking and requiring to the question about homeland.

It was written by Duchanin Ilya.

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