How to say hello and goodbye in Arabic?

How to say “hello” and “goodbye” in the Arabic world? This important moment is necessary for every traveler who doesn’t want to be as a foreign man in other country. This article can be used for every Muslim place and it uses everywhere. So at first, does greeting and response to it a necessary part of talking?

Of course you shows your respect to inhabitant of some Arabic country. There are many places in those countries where you can rest and spend vacations! The greetings and the farewells are both part of etiquette and respecting. As we know, Arabic countries have their own traditions and ways of making respect to other man and woman. But necessity to greeting woman’s husband first is there.

We know that the moment of the husbanding isn’t very important in Europe but it is very important in the Arabic countries! So greets man at first and the woman at the second because it is a way to receive respect of the man. But the greeting is equal and it is

As-salamu a’leikum.

السلام علیکم.

This phrase means “Peace be upon you.” and can be used as a greeting. You can use it if the man us a man who makes his work or goes somewhere because it is a way of giving respect.

If you want to respond on this greeting, you will say

va a’leikum salam

وعلیکم السلام

These to phrase make standard Arabic greeting. Everyone have to remember that the greeting has its response on Arabic and can’t without it.

Well, but how can you say “goodbuy” to some man after conservation? It is very simple and it is “vada-a’an” but sometimes it can be said as



 This short phrase says the you wishes to farewell other. Of course, there is the “sa,e” rule to make farewell to the man at first and to his woman after that.

Those phrases are a way of making respect to other man and woman.

This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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