Pamir languages

Of course, the first step of this article is close observation place ofexisting the Pamir languages. This group of languages exists on the territory of modern Tajikistan and looks like additional part to languages there. The place of existed Pamir languages is shown below on a map.

The country southern Tajikistan is Afghanistan. It is a territory of mixing Farsi and Hindi as it was shown early.

The Pamir languages are a part of the Eastern Iranian language’s family and follow to Persian “traditions” in Tajikistan. It looks like borrowing words from Tajik Persian with their farther changings.

All Pamir languages exist as various dialects and aren’t independent.They are used by inhabitants of the Pamir mountain and surrounded territory.

For example, Shughni-Yazgulami branch of the Pamir languages has several members and they are the dialects of Tajik.  Their names are Shughni, Sarikoli, and Yazgulyam languages. Farther observation will be shown in the next articles about the Pamir languages and it shows dialects with languages names and describes territories of their using.

So, that Pamir ilanguages exists in the light blue area on the map.

It is a part of Tajikistan. Also, this group o languages exists along to the Yazgulyam River in the same country and in northern parts of Afghanistan.

Farther group of languages is Munji-Yidgha.  This group is local and it was formed on the place as it is shown below.

Badakhshan Province.

This group of languages has two languages close to Tajik. Badakhshan Province is placed in North Eeastern Afghanistan as it is shown on the map. It is clear that this group isn’t very wide spread and there is only 2.000 speakers.

Sanglechi-Ishkashi is a branch of languages in Afghanistan and Tagikistan. The group has 2.500 speakers.  The group of languages is written.

Wakhi is a branch of languages which exist on territory of Afghanistan, Tajikistan, China,Russia and Pakistan. Toral number of speakers is around 58.000 speakers.

Conclusion total number of speakers of the Pamir languages is around 100.000. This number is  60 million of the Persian is 0.17%.

Resource: Wikipedia.

This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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