Comparison Pashto and other languages

This article gives the comparison between Pashto and other languages around it because the Pashto language seem to be close to itself.

Pashto is the old language (its history longs around 5.000 years) and the modern state of Pashto is one of official languages of Pakistan.

Pashto has around 10 dialects which can be divided onto Northern and Southern.

This moments give the answer that Pashto isn’t close to Farsi, Dari and Urdu, as well. Also, Pasto isn’t close to eastern andnorthern languages from Pashto lands.

Pashto is one of Avestan languages and it has those moments. Like Pahto, Avestan language was known by Zend Avesta and its script was used there.

The subject of this article is the comparison but it isn’t given farther because this work will be useless for it. So there is described Western Iranian languages as they are.

The Western Iranian languages are the next,

  • Farsi(it is Southerstern Persian language).
  • Dari (it is the language from the same as Farsi but it is a variant fromAfghanistan).
  • Urdu (it is Indo-Aryan Western Hindi Hindustani language and it close to Urdu).
  • Balochi (it is Iranian Northwestern and the language of Afghanistan and Pakistan).
  • Punjabi (it is Indo-Aryan Northwestern language of Pakistan).

It is shown clearly that the languages can be dividedonto two classes, Indo-Aryan and Iranian. The Indo-Aryan languages came from Hindus areas and Iranian from terrirory of modern Iran.

Pashto isn’t close to a group because it came from Avestan languages. This language is a descend of modern Pashto but it is diednow and this Iranian language (Avestan) has different varieties along the timeline.

Pashto hasn’t any modern close brothers and it is asingule language in Afghanistan and surrounded lands because it evolved separately from other Afghani languages.

Wikipedia, Pashutan Forum

This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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