Pashto language and its differences

This article shows differences Pashto and other languages in Afghanistan and Pakistan. At first, Pashto is thr Eastern Iranian and it isn’t close to Urdu that is the Western Hindi and Punjabi (NorthwesternIndo-Aryan) and Balochi (Western Iranian) and other languages of Afghanistan.

But Pashto is close to other languages from lands of eastern Afganistan and farther to the East.

The map above shows the area of modern Pashto using. As it is shown, this language exists in arean of eastern Afghanistan and and official language of Pakistan.

Pashto as a language has a long history that itstarted from the “Avestan language”, according to modern linguists. This pointof view approves by The Rabatak inscription. 

Was made on rock and contains Greek script along to Bactrian language as its words’ source.

Also, old Pashto was described as a language of tribes from the west of Hindus River by Strabo in the beginning of CE (64 BCE – 24 CE).

Both of then show that Pashto was used from the beginning of CE and it can be defined as a started point of the language’s history.

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