The endings of Kali words

As it is shown in the previous article, there are four endings in Kali. They are specially Kali and don’t existed in the base language (Dari).

There the four endings and theit traits are shown below.

  • ا ending.

It is close to the nominative cases in the European lanhuahes. It hasn’t any special functions, except nominative.

  • ي ending

Noun – adjective

Noun – adjective

This ending seems to as the ending of adjectives which are formed by nouns. This function has the English ending “y” like “road – roady”.

  • و ending and ه ending

These endings aren’t have concrete defined functions. There are three iseas.

  • “u” ending can be a mark of possession like English “of” and a mark ofobject of action. Also, “e” can be a sign of plural form a;omg the “u” functions.

As it is shown early, the Kali language has many traits of Persian, Dari and Pashto.

Resource, Appendix 1, which is been on the next page.

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