Kali landuage

This article shows Aghani language Kali. This language exists as a Niristani one and is in the North-East of modern Afghanistan. It is a language on the Dari base, it imeans that Kali isn’t an independent language as Arabic and Hindi but it has grammar traits of Dari.

Kali has four cases and the next work shows clearly their traits. Dari and Urdu are  base languages for the Nuristani group but every language has its own traits and modifications. For example, Askunu has different endings and Kali has case system and several endings. Farther articles will show these traits on examples.

In this explanation of Kali language are shown several Appendixes. The first shows base text on Kali without any changings, as it is shown on Youtube.

This written text is unusual because Kali is a spoken language and it hasn’t any  written form but it is helped in the analyze of Kali language.

There isn’t any on-lene Dari translator in Internet, so the close Farsi language is used for translations of scribed Kali text.

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