A Comparison sounds of Dari and Farsi

Dari and Farsi are closed grammatically but their vocabularies slight different. Dari is an Afghanistan’s language and Farsi is a language of Iran. Between them are laid several thousands miles . There isn’t any series of words because they are slight different in some words. Respectively, Farsi and Dari phonologies are close and there is a different manner of pronunciation in Dari.

Dari is pronounced a little bit harder than Persian and its its consonants sound use the same way. Dari vowels are a little bit shorter than Persian and close with the sounds “ao” and short “e” and short “o”.

At first, a confirmation is shown below and it shows closeness in both of the languages.

trans. Dari Persian
easy ‘as’an AsAn
future ‘ayenda Ayande
hello sal’sm salAm
horse asp Asb
load b’ar bAr
plan pl’an Tarah
tulip t’alah lAla
water ‘ab Ab

As it is shown, Dari is close to Farsi and it is improvement of the closeness.

These two languages are close grammatically and it ism’y necessary to compare them.  The grammar of Farsi is like Dari’s and there is a source of an old work of Sakaria who collected clear Afgani (Dari) in his list book.

Also, here is given the full explanation of Dari and Persian sounds and the result is that they are close one another.

Farther article will show comparison between Farsi and Dari grammars because it shows closeness of them.

Resource, Wikipedia.

This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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