The comparison of Persian and Urdu sounds

This article shows close elements and differences of Persian and Urdu.  A cause of the comparison is that sounds of modern Persian are borrowed in Urdu with the influence and conquest of Afganistan by the ancient Persian tribes which were there before the 7th century AC (from the 500 BCE).  After that, the country controlled by Islamic civilization. A table of the Persian sounds is shown below and it gives an idea that Urdu sounds were borrowed from Persian.

The table of the Persian sounds


Urdu sounds are shown below.

The table of Urdu sounds


Also, roots of 75% Urdu words have their natures in Prakrit and Sanskrit. Urdu is closer to the last two languages than to Persian. This fact was shown early in the article here. Hindi is an Aryan languge and it closer to Urdu than Persian.

The comparison of Urdu, Hindi and Persian was made early. Sounds of Turkmen is shown below because modern linguists assume that the Urdu sounds were formed by Turkmen language. The observing of them is shown in the next article and there is a close comparison with Urdu.




This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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