The changes of Persian from Hindi words

The previous article showed vowel and consonants changes in Persian and this article shows changes in Punjabi according to Hindi words. The table of changes and words on the both languages awere shown earlier and analyze of it is shown below.

As it was mentioned, the Punjabi and Hindustani (Hindi) are from the single linguistic family, it is Indo-Aryan. Both of the language have close words that were borrowed from older Sanskrit.


The table shows to You the changes of sounds in Punjabi,

beginning middle ending
e > i h > none m > n
j > none ee > i s > h (2)
ee > e aa > i ya > ee
aa > a n > noe none > h
ch > chch k > kk (2)
aa > a (3 times) ee > a
n > k d > r
u > uu ee > I (?)
g > gg
alee > i
n > nn
none > un
kh > h
t > d


The changes ee > I means that doubled sound “ee” transforms into its short equivalent.

The interesting moment of shorting of sounds “a” and “e” is shown in the table. So there are several frequent changings,

  • From a Consonant to other consonant.
  • Shorting of vowels.
  • Doubling of consonants.

These changes from the changes in root and follow to new words in Punjabi.  It gives an idea that Punjabi is a dialect from Hindustani and it approves by this short comparison. Also, this idea was confirmed historically but the modern status of Punjabi is an independent from languages of Pakistan. But it is only its official status and close explanation of Punjabi vocabulary shows that it is a changed Hindi by Punjabi’s pronunciation of its words.

Pujabi changed the grammar seriously and it forms Punjabi in modern Pakistan.  But there are many dialects of modern Punjabi.



This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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