Number of speakers of Pakistani languages

This article shows numbers of speakers in the difference Pakistani languages. Of course, primary languages are shown here because data about number of speakers for a minor language can be old and useless. 

Everyone can find different number of speakers but some estimation of the 2008 year is shown here because it is looked more honest than other. A list below shows numbers of speakers for every official language of Pakistan.

  • Punjabi – 76 million of the speakers,
  • Pashto – 26.5 million..
  • Sindhi – 24.5 million,
  • Saraiki – 18 million,
  • Urdu – 13 million and
  • Balochi – only 6 million (the secondary language).

According to these numbers, Punjabi is a lingvo-franka of Pakistan and the number of its speakers can be compared only with the sum of other four languages. These languages are primary and all of them are official.

Source, Wikipedia

This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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