Test of the comparative method

This article shows working of the method that was used on the examples of the Arabic dialects. Of course, these explanation isn’t very clear for the showing of its work, because there is a distrust that is Arabic only or is inevitably for using. This confirmation is shown for the English language because this language is well known everywhere. The method of analyze is formed by the three sections,

  • Finding list of words and after that, it finds words possess to explained language by comparison of the words with words from other languages by their meanings. It allows to find “clear words” of the language.
  • Dividing the “clear words” onto syllables, all of these possess to the concrete language of work.
  • Finding out the most common syllables by limit of frequents of repeating those syllables.

For points of the plan above,

  • The first stage is necessary because a list of words (borrowed and non-borrowed) forms for farther work with them on this stage. The words can be borrowed but the second part of this stage cuts them off. Of course, the list will decreases and it influences onto number of syllables. This stage includes “cleaning” the list for making the list of non-borrowed words at th end.
  • The second stage forms a list of syllables for the non-borrowed words, this brings sequence of the syllables for work with them.
  • The range of syllables counts according appearance in the words.

Of course, range of syllables is fully useless but the “comparative method” gives range of words which are useful because they are “clear” for some language that was explored by it early. The range of words are useful because the changing in concrete words can be traced.

The “tracing” look like the example, “baab” -> “abvaab”, “bait” — > “buyut” and so on (these words are Arabic singular and plural forms but it give an idea of comparison). Result chins are the chains of changing in words from language to language. It is based on similarities in pronunciations because if some word is used in some language, it will be changes after period of time. Examples of these changings are in the modern written and colloquial Persian, for example.

Below rhare are two documents, where I was comparing words for this method.

Appendix 1 (English words) 

Appendix 2 (List of syllables and frequents)



This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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