Basic Arabic words: relatives

         Hello, friends!

       Perhaps you are so inspired by the study of Arabic words on the topic «Relatives», that you will make up the family tree up to the fifth generation of kinship.

        It is convenient to study English words with thematic blocks. In this article, you see the foolow table of the theme Basic Arabic words: relatives. They are shown with transcription and approximate sounding on English. Arabic words about family is one of those topics that everyone learns. After all, the family is the foundation of society. It is easy for peoplefor learning this topic, because family is the most important part in live of people in the world. The theme of the relatives is written many tales, stories and poems.

If you do not speak Arabic, but want to do it, first practice talking with somebody or repetition words with aloud speaking by yourself as possible to you.

Also, on the next holiday you will send cool cards to all your relatives. Probably, «Let me introduce relatives» is the second most popular theme when you going to write a story of your family and relatives. Get acquainted!

   Basic Arabic words: relatives

English words English pronunciation Arabic spelling
relative nisbiaan نسبيا
family ‘usra أسرة
extended family eashira عشيرة
father alab الآب
mother ‘um أم
brother shaqiq شقيق
sister ‘ukht أخت
twins tawa’aman توأمان
son abn ابن
daughter aibnatu ابنة
uncle, maternal khāl خال
aunt, maternal khālah خالة
uncle, paternal ʿamm عَمّ
aunt, paternal ʿammah عَمّة
husband alzawj الزوج
wife zawja زوجة
children al’atfal الأطفال
grandfather jid جد
grandmother jida جدة
grandchildren ‘ahfad أحفاد
father -in-law wawalid bialtabnaa ووالد بالتبنى
mother-in-law hama » ‘ama alzawj ‘aw ‘amu alzawja حماة » أم الزوج أو أم الزوجة
stepfather zawj al’um زوج الأم
stepmother zawjat al’ab زوجة الأب
stepsister mathal ‘ukhti مثل اختي
stepbrother ‘akh ghyr shaqiq أخ غير شقيق
distant relative qarib baeid قريب بعيد

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Good luck to you.

Resourses, Gaafar M., Wightwick J. — Arabic Vocabulary, 2013.

This article was written by Duchanin Mary.

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