The list of Adverbs in Arabic


  1. Which are been adverbs in Arabic?    
  2. The list of Adverbs in Arabic.

Which are been adverbs in Arabic?   

        Everyday we speak with many partners and friends on Arabic, but our speeches wouldn not are bored without using adverbs, which are been words or combinations of words that appear in a sentence as a function of circumstances and do not change when they are related to other words of their form.

In Arabic, the actually adverbs are few. The bulk of them is formed from the proper names, adjectives, participles, numerals in three ways. By putting the name in the accusative form of an uncertain state by combining names with prepositions
Descriptively, with the help of a combination, where the first element is * a name with a preposition.

You can not learn grammar, if you haven’t got much time. Below is a table of Arabic Adverbs of time place and frequency. You can see and remember these phases for future knowledges.

  The list of Adverbs in Arabic

English Adverbs Arabic Adverbs  English pronunciation
adverbs of time ظُرُوْف الْوَقْت  thorowf alwaqt
yesterday أَمْس  aams
today الْيَوْم  aleeawm
tomorrow غَدا  ghada
now الْآَن  alaan
then ثُم  thom
later فِيْمَا بَعْد  feeemaa ba’d
tonight هَذِه الْلَّيْلَة  hatheh allaeelah
right now فِي الْوَقْت الْحَالِي  feee alwaqt alhaaleee
last night لَيْلَة أَمْس  laeelah aams
this morning هَذَا الْصَّبَاح  hathaa alsabaah
next week الْأُسْبُوْع الْمُقْبِل  alaosbow’ almoqbel
already سَابِقَا  saabeqaa
recently مُؤَخَّرا  mo’akhara
lately مُؤَخَّرا  mo’akhara
soon قَرِيْبا  qareeeba
immediately فَوْرَا  fawraa
still لَا يَزَال  laa eeazaal
yet بَعْد  ba’d
ago مُنْذ  month
adverbs of place ظُرُوْف مَكَان  thorowf makaan
here هُنَا  honaa
there هُنَاك  honaak
over there هُنَاك  honaak
everywhere فِي كُل مَكَان  feee kol makaan
anywhere فِي أَي مَكَان  feee aaee makaan
nowhere لَا مَكَان  laa makaan
home مُنَزَّل  monazal
away بَعِيْدا  ba’eeeda
out خَارِج  khaarej
adverbs of manner ظُرُوْف مِن الْطَّرِيْقَة  thorowf men altareeeqah
very جَدَّا  jadaa
quite تَمَامَا  tamaamaa
pretty جَمِيْل  jameeel
really حَقّا  haqa
fast سَرِيْع  sareee’
well جَيِّد  jaeeed
hard الثَّابِت  althaabet
quickly بِسُرْعَة  besor’ah
slowly بِبُطْء  bebot’
carefully بِعِنَايَة  be’enaaeeah
hardly بِالْكَاد  bealkaad
barely بِالْكَاد  bealkaad
mostly فِي الْغَالِب  feee alghaaleb
almost تَقْرَيْبَا  taqreeban
absolutely إِطْلاقَا  eetlaqaa
together مَعَا  ma’aa
alone وَحْدَهَا  wahdahaa
adverbs of frequency ظُرُوْف مِن الْتَّرَدُّد  thorowf men altaradod
always دَائِمَا  daa’emaa
frequently كَثِيْرا  katheeera
usually عَادَة  ‘aadah
sometimes أَحْيَانا  aaheeaana
occasionally أَحْيَانا  aaheeaana
seldom نَادِرَا مَا  naaderaa maa
rarely نَادِرا  naadera
never أَبَدا  aabada

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This article was written by Duchanin Mary.

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