Arabic Verb paradigms

The modern morphology of Classical Arabic contains conjugation, verb paradigms, verb irregularities and paradigm connotations. About conjugation you can read here The modern conjugator in Arabic.

Verb paradigms are versions formation of basic verbs, which are resulted from one of two thing.  For example, the combination of the middle letter vowel in the imperfect or perfect conjugations. This combination is specific and must be looked in a dictionary.

It is shown in the follow table.

 Cmd. Passive Part. Active Part. or Common Substitutes Common Gerunds Imperfect Perfect
Intransitive Transitive Intransitive Transitive
اُفْعُلْ مَفْعُوْل فَاعِل فَاعِل فِعَال، فَعَلاَن، فُعَال، فُعُوْل، فَعِيْل فَعْل يَفْعُل فَعَلَ
اِفْعِلْ يَفْعِل فَعَلَ
اِفْعَلْ يَفْعَل فَعَلَ
اِفْعَلْ فَعِل، فَعْلاَن، أَفْعَل فَعَل يَفْعَل فَعِلَ
اِفْعِلْ يَفْعِل فَعِلَ
اُفْعُلْ فَعِيْل، فَعْل، فَعَل، أَفْعَل فُعُوْلَة، فَعَالَة يَفْعُل فَعُلَ
فَعْلِل مُفَعْلَل مُفَعْلِل فَعْلَلة يُفَعْلِل فَعْلَلَ

The verbal paradigms are sometimes joined to their roots extra letters. For example, the word “transitivity” in the Gerunds tense will be as “إِفْعَال”, but in the Perfect tense will be as “أََفْعَلَ (يُفْعِل)”.

If you want to know how the verb paradigms are used and written, you will read a book “Paradigms of Classical and Modern Arabic Verbs”, which was written by Muhammad Saed Abdul-Rahman“.


This article was written by Mary Duchanin.

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