The modern conjugator in Arabic

Arabic conjugation is a part of creation of interrelation between different parts of speech in the sentence.

Nowadays, verb conjugations usually are used with personal pronouns, which identifies the relationship between a subject and its verb; number (singular, dual or plural); tenses; mood; voice and gender of masculine or feminine.  In Arabic, there are 10 verb forms commonly used each possibly existing in 2 tenses, 4 moods, and 2 voices.

When verb must be conjugated, you first need to define form of verb, and then what tense you would like to put it in, what mood is required by the grammar at hand, and then what voice.

The follows tables are shown how you can conjugate Arabic verbs:


English Pronoun Transcription Conjugated Arabic
Arabic Pronoun
I aktubu أكْتُبُ أنا
You (masc.) taktubu تكْتُبُ أنتَ
You (fem.) taktubiinaَ تكْتُبين أنتِ
He or It yaktubu يكْتُبُ هُوَ
She or It taktubu تكْتُبُ هيّ


English Pronoun Transcription Arabic Verb Arabic Pronoun
(No dual)
naktubu نكْتُبُ There is no
specific 1st
person dual form
«we two». Just use
the word for «we »
You two (masc. or
taktubaan تكْتُبان انتما
They (masc.) two yaktubaan يكْتُبان هما
They (fem.) two taktubaan يكْتُبان هما


English Pronoun Transcription Arabic Verb Arabic Pronoun
We naktubu نكْتَبُ نحن
you (group masc.)
Any group with at
least one man is
taktubuuna تكْتَبونَ أنتم
you ( group fem.)
Any group of all
taktubnna تكْتَبُن أنتن
they (group
yaktubuuna يكْتَبونَ هم
they (group fem.) yaktubnna يكْتَبُن هن


This article was written by Duchanin Mary.

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