Ancient Egyptian language

Ancient Egyptian language is one the oldest languages in the world after Sumerian in the northern Afro-Asiatic continent. This language is related to Semitic and Berber languages like Arabic.  Late Egyptian developed prefixes definite and indefinite articles, which replaced the older inflectional suffixes. The sentences were changed from older form verb-subject-object to subject-verb-object.  Ancient Egyptian sounds were become sounds from Coptic Alphabet, which is still used in the liturgies of the Egyptian Orthodox Church in the modern days.  

The Ancient Egyptian language was been one of first writing system in that time. It was different language from the one we use today, because in an alphabet they used symbols and pictures which we call “hieroglyphics”.

Ancient Egyptian had 25 consonants as other languages in that time. These consonants included voiced Fricative, voiceless Stop, voiced Stop, emphatic Labial and plain Labial. It had three short and tree long vowels. Renovations of vowels was difficult, because they were not written in any Egyptian manuscript.

It has three long and three short vowels, but nine vowels were in Late Egyptian. Triliteral or biliteral root of consonants are been the basic word in Egyptian, similar to Semitic and Berber. Suffixes are added for using words. Adjectives are formatted from nouns.

The Egyptians used two grammatical genders namely, feminine and masculine. In the beginning of development of the Egyptian language, there were not articles to describe certain words. People of ancient Egypt used Status Constructs for joining two and more nouns that to express genitive.

This article was written by Duchanin Mary.

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