Analyze of Algerian words (part 1)

This article is the first part of analyze Algerian words as they are in Algerian dialect in the present day. The common phonetic rules of the borrowing words from Arabic to Algerian were formulated early and this article shows some phonetic rules on the base of 439 Algerian words with their Arabic translations.

Notice about Arabic transcriptions. All transcriptions were formed with my Arabic way of pronunciation and they can be slight different with IPA transcriptions.

Appendix 1 shows Algerian words with their translations. Structure of the table is Algerian-Arabic-translation. Main principle of the “Appendix 1” is that Arabic and Algerian words connect by English translations, which are unified elements in the table. For example, Arabic “mukhkh” and Algerian “muKh” have English meaning “brain” and these words show the differences in the pronunciations, because of “KH”. Another example, Algerian “ganTaRa” and Arabic “mia’ban” means “bridge” but the ways of pronounciations are fully different. Some words have similar pronunciation, “KHubz” means “bread” on both Arabics.

This article shows the first part of analyze that is analyze of vowels’ changings from Arabic to Algerian.

First part of the analyze shows changing vowels of Arabic roots to their Algerian equivalents. This observation was formed on base of similarities in words. There aren’t shown words with changes in their roots. For example, Algerian “faRmaaj” and Arabic “jubna” aren’t shown in the first part of the analyze but Algerian “Sder” and Arabic “Sodr” are the objects for this part.

Algerian consonants are similar to Arabic and the most frequent is soft and hard. It means that some Arabic plain consonants (like t, d and others) become Algerian emphatic and these transitions are rarely. The most part of Algerian words inherits their Arabic consonants.

Analyzed Algerian sounds are,

short i, short o, short a, short u and  the group of the long sounds, ee (i:), aa (a:) and oo (u:) and sukuun (non-existed sound, pause).

A result of analyze is that,

  • Arabic short a -> to all Algerian sounds,
  • Short u and long oo (u:) -> the most part of Algerian ones (except short eand not for u -> ee and 00 -> short i) and,
  • Any other Arabic sounds transmit to the Algerian sounds with round same probability.

Most repeatable Algerian sound in transmissions is sukuun (pause).. It gives big count of syllables without vowels and bring to the harder variant of Arabic.

The Algerian dialect has its part of borrowed words, which formed nowadays Algerian. The next article depicts changing of meanings Arabic borrowed words of Algerian.

This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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