Algerian and Classical Arabic

The problem of differences of Algerian dialect and the others Maghrebi dialects was raised in the previous article. A cause of it is similarities between the language and its dialect. Anyway, they are splitted by thousands of miles and similarities and differences are shown in this article.

The Algerian consonant table is shown below as it was formed in the previous article. Classical Arabic phonemes are shown there too. A comparison of the language and its dialect is given by comparative way.


This table doesn’t consist the sound “p”, dʒ, ڥ, ڨ‎ ,


This is the table of the Algerian sounds for comparing with Classical Arabic. There are the four sounds in Classical Arabic which aren’t existed in Algerian and several are absent in Algerian. All Classical Arabic Dental group is absented in Algerian and also, the Glottal – voiceless Stop ء. It means that the Arabic Dental sounds are absented during the going out from the Arabic to Maghrebi group.

Next part is a comparison of words. The list of words and phrases is shown in Appendix. Result of this comparison shows that Algerian words borrowed frequently Arabic consonants of roots and change vowels in them. It slows to formulate several changings which are shown after (the first is Arabic vowel and the second is Algerian),

a -> i, u: (oo) -> a:, i -> u:, i: -> I, cutting off first or last vowel.

It shows that Algerian changed pronunciations by changing roots’ vowels.

This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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