Arabic itself

Arabic language divides into several groups of dialects and another division is into literary and spoken. Of course, this division is very conditional, because the main part of the literary language is a language of Quran (the glory and blessing to it). And this is the old Arabic but modern Arabic in literature is a little bit another. The Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is a unified language on the base of the Classical Arabic.

MSA has the next series of consonants,

Labial Dental Dental-Alveolar Palato- Alveolar Palatal Velar Uvular Pharingeal Glottal
Nasal m ب n ن,
Stop b ب, ,

f ف

t ت,

tˤ ط

d د

dˤ ض

d͡ʒ ج k ك ʔ ء
Fricative θ ث,

ð ذ

s س

sˤ ص

z ز

ðˤ ظ

ʃ ش x ~ χ


ħ ح h
Trill r ر ɣ ~ ʁ غ ʕ ع
Approx. l ل


j ي w و

The Arabic consonants number is more than in European languages and it is an independent language of the Northern Africa. It characterizes that this language was an independent.

The Arabic vowels are shown here, there are two group of sounds, short and long. Short vowels are I, u,a and longs are i, u and a. They can be fully divided onto the two equal group, which define by words “long” and “short”. These sounds are standard for the most part of languages but their division is unusual because the long vowels write as letters but short not.

The table of consonants is shown the big number of the sounds groups from Labial to Glottal and all vowels have four variants of “seniority”. The consonants and the vowels form Arabic words. Many of verbs have the three syllables and the same is for nouns-adjectives.

Resources: Wikipedia.

This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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