Yamna culture

This culture was a central culture of the Indo-European migrations. It had its own PIE language from the Copper to early Bronze ages. This culture gave chances for many other people communities and formed their languages and cultural traditions. The main interest for linguistic is Yamna’s language that was traced from the Scandinavia Peninsula up to the Pontic-Caspian steppes.461

The Yamna culture existed from 4000 BC to 2500 BC and its wide spreaded language was Proto-Indo-European (PIE) and it succeeded by the Catacomb culture (2800-2200 BC) and Poltavska culture (2700-2100 BC). They were on the right side and on the left of the Yamna culture, respectively. Also, people of this culture were connected closely with people from the Sintashta, Andronovo and Srubna cultures. According to Marija Gimbutas’s “kurgan hypothesis”, the Yamna culture was a Late PIE culture.

This fact shows that the Indo-Europeans were wide spreaded on territory of Central Asia, the Near East and so on. It means that they formed many languages branches like Indo-European, Persian, Uralic and any others.

From the beginning of the 4th millennium BC, the Proto-Indo-Europeans bring their proto-language to many places from the Ural Mountains to the Persian wastelands and from Europe to China.

This wide spreading of the Proto-Indo-European language was a sign of European growing of culture and society but there was any other interesting and important “world” (lit.) and it was an Arabic world of the Northern Africa.

Sources, Wikipedia.

This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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