The comparison PIE and Proto-Samic

The confirmation of similar of North Sami and Finnish was shown before by the consonants of these two languages and the Proto-Indo-European language formed some moments of Proto-Finnish. This is a fact that need be proved by the example of Proto-Sami because if it gives the same or less positive of similarity, the previous comparison (PF vs PIE) will be true.

Nouns, adjectives and pronouns and numberals are shown below,

Proto-Sami Proto-Indo-European
2 numbers 8 or 9 cases
10 cases 3 grammatical genders (and ending types)
Possessive suffixes prefix-root-suffix structure
Several moods thematic and athematic nouns
Finite and non-finite forms verbal nouns
adjectives similar grammatically to nouns

The reconstructed Proto-Samic language had the same traits as Proto-Finnish, so the conclusion is formed on the base of it, the Indo-Europeans made a little influence onto the Sami languages. It proves the model of the colonization post-Ice Aged Scandinavia and proves the direction of it. The Finnish language formed Sami’s languages and proneness of it was shown before.

Resources, Wikipedia.

This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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