Finnish and Sami languages

Some new comparison will be shown in this article. The question about similarities was raised before. As it was shown, the Southern Sami language isn’t similar to the Finnish language. The map of wide spreading of the Sami languages is shown below.

459 The figures on the map (all are for Sami languages),

  1. Southern (official, 600 speakers, 1992 year).
  2. Ume (spoken, 20, 2000).
  3. Pite (spoken, 25-50, 2010).
  4. Lule (official, 1000-2000, 2007).
  5. Northern (official, 25000, 1992-2013).
  6. Skolt (spoken, 320, 1997-2007).
  7. Inari (spoken, 300, 2001).
  8. Kildin (spoken, 340, 2010)
  9. Ter (spoken, 2, 2010).

As it is represented above, only Lule and Northern have more than 1000 speakers and the Tes Sami is almost died dialect. The Northern and Lule dialects are wide spreaded and occupy central part of the Scandinavian Peninsula.

Analyzes of these two dialects are showed below and its target is to define a “heir” of the Finnish language. The Lule and Northern dialects are been near one another and the Northern Sami is more usable than the Lule dialect, it gives the fact that the Northern Sami is analyzed below.

Finnish Northern Sami Translations
Terve, hyvää päivää, päivää Bures Hello (general greeting)
Mitä kuuluu? Mo dat manná? How are you?
Hyvää kiitos, entä sinulle Dat manná bures, giitu Reply to “how are you?”
Mikä teidän nimenne on? (frm, what is your name?) Mii du namma lea? What is your name? / My name is …
Mistä olet kotoisin? Gos don leat eret? Where are you from?

The similarities are shown above and they aren’t frequently but it gives an idea that the Northern Sami is a probably descendant of the Finnish language. The list above is short but it shows this probability and it is proved by Northern Sami’s similarities to the Finnish language.


Wikipedia, Omniglot

This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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