Existence’s durations of the Mesolithic Scandinavian cultures

At first, the analyze of the Scandinavian Mesolithic cultures is there. The target of it is to define durations of the cultures. The list of Scandinavian Mesolithic cultures was showed in the previous article about the climatic periods. The repeating of it is below.

  • Maglemosian (7500 BC – 6000 BC, the 2nd climatic period).
  • Kongemose (6000 BC – 5200 BC, the 3rd period).
  • Erteboller (5300 BC – 3900 BC, the 3rd and 4th periods).
  • Funelbeaker (4000 BC – 2700 BC, 4th period)
  • Pitted Wares (3200 BC – 2300 BC, 4th – 5th period).
  • Fosna-Hensbacka (8300 BC – 7300 BC, the 2nd — 3rd period).

The duration of the existences are calculated below and it helps in forming of common groups.

  • Maglemosian (the 1500 years, the 2nd climatic period).
  • Kongemose (the 800 y., the 3rd period).
  • Erteboller (the 1400 y. BC, the 3rd and 4th periods).
  • Funelbeaker (the 1300 y., 4th period)
  • Pitted Wares (the 900 y., 4th – 5th period).
  • Fosna-Hensbacka (the 1000 y., the 2nd — 3rd period).

There isn’t any pattern between the climatic periods and the durations but there are the two types of cultures. The first type existed less than a thousand of years and the second existed more than a thousand.

The Kongemose and Pitted Wares were the cultures which existed less than a thousand of years. And other cultures the four ones) existed more. Result of division isn’t important but some full durations of existence are more important.

The culture existed less than 1000 years,

  • The Kongemose culture, southern Scandinavia.
  • The Pitted Ware culture, southern Scandinavia.

And those which existed more than 1000 years.

  • It existed from England to Poland and from Skana to Sweden.
  • Ertebolle, southern Scandinavia.
  • Funnel beaker, northeastern Europe and southern Scandinavia.
  • The Baltic side of Scandinavia.

The previous division onto long-lived cultures and short-lived is useless in this article because the clear pattern has been visible here, it is that all Scandinavian cultures of the Mesolithic age existed in the southern Scandinavia. It approved by all cultures which were observed in the this article. And the next article will show the temperature mode of Mesolithic Scandinavia and approve those conclusions once more.

This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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