Mesolithic migrations to Scandinavia

Everyone need know a cause of the late Stone Age in Scandinavia. It is more trivial than Mesolithic migrations. It was the ice age which hide the land before that. The Scandinavian climate warm slowly because the North. After the ice age, this region was visited from to time by different nomadic European tribes of hunters. The start moment of it was in 13th millennium BC with the Hamburg culture. It was existed in 13500 – 11100 BC and was located in northwestern Europe. Nomadic tribes of this culture hunted on the large territory and were before the first Scandinavian culture which named Bromme culture and was existed on Southern Scandinavia from 11400 BC.

As the reader can see, the Bromme culture was the wrong-decedent of the Hamburg culture. The cause of it is periods of the living; The Hamburg culture was in the period to the 11100 BC and the Broome was after the 11600-11400 BC. These two cultures had the consequently disappearing-appearing but the Bromme culture was their settlements in the modern Denmark and the northern Germany and part of Sweden. This location of the Bromme culture can’t link it with the Hamburg culture.

The Bromme culture corresponded closely to the Ahrens burg culture and both of those two cultures are similar.

The red and blue areas on the map below are the exemplary areas of the Bromme and Ahrensburg cultures.


This map is as an example but the close locations of these two cultures are clear and understandable and the fact that the Bromme culture was also spread along the northern coast on the East. But the main part of this culture was as it is shown on the map.

And other reason, these two cultures had some communication between one another because Bromme culture was in the northern part of the map (the red area) and neighbored southern culture had the value of some “bung” for Bromme culture. But these two cultures are closely similar and we can decide that both of them occupied that territory together. The map below shows it.


The climate changed during the period after the last ice age. The average temperature of Scandinavia increased and it gave the possibility to colonization of the northern part of Scandinavia. The new warming started around the 9500 BC.

The farther climatic periods of Mesolithic were expressed in the next article and cause of is a multiply number of the Scandinavian cultures and warmed changes of the Scandinavian climate.

This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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