Comparison Mesolithic Scandinavian and European cultures

The common traits of Scandinavian and European cultures were given in the previous articles, so the next step is a comparison their abstract ones. Those two abstract cultures are below.

Some European Mesolithic abstract culture was so,

  • It existed from 10th-9th millennium BC to 6th millennium BC;
  • It was hunting-gathering-fishing culture;
  • People of it used flint axes, handmade arrowheads for their arrows, primitive blades, sometimes harpoons and microliths;
  • Their tools had simple decoration with geometrical designs;
  • Some of the European cultures had domesticated dogs;
  • Their lifestyle was nomadic or settled;
  • They used the next materials for their tools: bones, flint-stones and stones.

The next one is a Scandinavian abstract culture of the same period.

Scandinavian abstract Mesolithic culture is the next sequence of traits.

  • It existed from the 8th — 7th millennium to the 4th
  • It had a hunting-gathering-fishing lifestyle.
  • It used and produced some simple stone, bone and horn tools.
  • The Scandinavian origin of some culture.

As it is clear for observation, the Scandinavian culture appeared after the European because people migrated and settled in Europe and after that along the Scandinavian Peninsula. It approves by the periods of the cultures. At first was Europe in the 10th – 6th millennium BC and after that the Scandinavians cultures were in the period 7th – 4th millennium BC.

We can assume that the European cultures migrated to the Scandinavian. Both of cultures produced the same things and their similar lifestyles confirm it. Their technologies show it too. Inhabitants of Scandinavia couldn’t have some “Undefined origin” and the next article shows this.

This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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