Brief observation of European Mesolithic cultures

This observation isn’t a detailed one because readers need form short and full look on the Mesolithic cultures of Europe. We have already known the view of the abstract Mesolithic culture of Scandinavia and it will help in comparing of them. This article will form an abstract position for a European Mesolithic abstract culture.

Some European Mesolithic abstract culture had the next sequence of traits.

  • It existed from 10th-9th millennium BC to 6th millennium BC;
  • It was hunting-gathering-fishing culture;
  • People of it used flint axes, handmade arrowheads for their arrows, primitive blades, sometimes harpoons and microliths;
  • Their tools had simple decoration with geometrical designs;
  • Some of the European cultures had domesticated dogs;
  • Their lifestyle was nomadic or settled;
  • They used the next materials for their tools: bone, flint-stones and stones.

In this article were used the generalization without detailed shows of the European cultures itself because directions of coming some nomadic tribes were different and this comparison and summarization helps only. Dates of existing of the cultures are variety, from the 10th millennium BC to the 5th millennium BC but the main part of cultures were from 8000 BC to 6500 BC.

This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.


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