European Mesolithic cultures

The Scandinavian cultures is a good for the forming concrete and abstract view of the Mesolithic cultures in this region. But this region were settled along the arc of Scandinavian peninsula. The territory of Europe isn’t any same thing because its big spaces permitted the colonization from different directions. Of course, modern archeologists formed some directions but it isn’t important. Cause of it is wide spreading of the human tribes

At first, everyone need know the names of those cultures.

  • Azilian culture, Western Europe;
  • Balkan cultures, Western Europe;
  • Kunda culture, Baltics and Russia;
  • Neman culture, Lithuania and Poland;
  • Sauvettarian culture, Western and Central Europe;
  • Tardenoisian culture, Belgium and France;

At the second we need discover these Mesolithic cultures fluently but we have already looked at the four cultures and the brief observation for all six cultures will be in the next article.

This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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